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About RHEA

RHEA is a center of expertise for Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality at the VUB. The main goals of RHEA are to contribute to the development of knowledge through scientific and interdisciplinary research and education concerning gender, diversity and intersectionality. RHEA is an interfaculty research group and is being led by Gily Coene (director) and Karen Celis (co-director)  


  • does fundamental and applied research about gender, diversity en intersectionality in diverse disciplines;

  • offers a specialised and integrated education in the area of gender diversity, in bachelor- master as in a doctors degree

  • grants internal and external advice with regard to equal opportunities - and diversity policy through the Genderactieplan (GAP) at the VUB and by participating in the Werkgroep Gelijke Kansen of VLIR.

  • Offers a platform for researchers and lecturers from different VUB departments and faculties, who integrate gender, diversity and intersectionality in their research.

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