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Conference (Re)Connecting gender studies

  • September 23, 2020

In the last decades, gender studies have both expanded and become institutionalized, diversifying but also losing - in some ways - its critical reach. The field now includes, but is not limited to, women’s studies, men’s studies and LGBTQI+ studies. Apart from this proliferation of theoretical positions, the field of gender studies in Belgium is divided by common boundaries: between universities and other research institutions, between activism and research, between disciplines, between languages. This colloquium aims to (re)connect PhD students and gender researchers across these boundaries. We aim to bring together early career researchers working in academia, professionals from non-profit organisations or public institutions, and activists in a non-competitive and safe environment.



This event is co-organized by RHEA, SOPHIA and the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men. 
Time: Friday 13 November 
Venue: Depending on COVID-19 measures, this event will take place either online or offline at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel 
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