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RHEA Lunch Webinar: Queer studies and domestic television

Queer studies and domestic television: Balancing global disciplinary logics and local specificity in research

In this luFlorian Vanleench webinar Dr. Florian Vanlee will share his ideas on americentrism in contemporary queer television studies as a core challenge to ‘domestic’ analyses of LGBT+ televisibility. Western European TV cultures are often simplistically perceived as mere extensions of the globally dominant US industry. Their distinct engagements with the representation of sexual and gender diversity – intimately related to public service broadcasting – remain discrete sidenotes in a body of literature concerned mostly with textual critiques of American programming. While the field’s limited attention for domestic Western European productions is partly upheld by linguistic obstacles, queer TV studies’ expressive rejection of ‘positivist’ and ‘descriptive’ methods further obstructs the introduction of domestic modes of LGBT+ televisibility to scholarly attention. As a result, queer analytics of television and its role in regulating gender and sexuality reflect the deregulated commercialism of US TV production. This, in turn, has led to antagonistic and crypto-normative engagements with the medium and the actors involved, which are not necessarily appropriate in contexts other than the US.

Practical: This event will take place online via Microsoft Teams (the link will be shared with all the registered people the day before). Register for this event down below. 


3 May 2021 from 12:30 to 14:00 Add to personal calendar

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