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For all queens present: 'Defining womanhood' with Crazinist and Tracy Africa Norman

In verband met het FOR ALL QUEENS! Pride festival nodigen For all queens met steun van RHEA mode icoon en eerste zwarte transgender model Tracey Norman Africa uit. 

FOR ALL QUEENS! Pride festival is een parallelle narratief tijdens de Belgian Pride - specifiek gericht op 'underserved gemeenschappen', namelijk de Subsaharaanse non heteronormatieve/genderqueer/lhbtia+ gemeenschappen in België en Europa.


Tracey Norman

Tracey 'Africa' Norman, the 1st Black trans model, was born before her time (

Janet Mock, Tracey ‘Africa’ Norman Talk Breaking Barriers – The Hollywood Reporter

Work!: A Queer History of Modeling, by Elspeth H. Brown | Times Higher Education (THE)




Interview mit crazinisT artisT: "My work is a slow poison" — Beate Scheder

meet the performance artist challenging gender norms in ghana - i-D (



For All Queens is de grote belofte van de Brusselse ballroomscene (

(1) Een wereld van verschil I De underground ballroomcultuur - YouTube



Deuren open: 19.30
Start evenement: 20.00
Outline Talk: 
5 min - Start – Rachael Moore opens talk with an anecdote about Womanhood. 
30 min - Crazinist starts conversation through sharing her experiences and work as an artists and human rights activist in Ghana 
5 min – introduction 
30 min – Tracey Norman shares her story 
40 min – Tracey Norman and Crazinist exchange with the moderating support of Rachael Moore – philosophizing on the meaning of being a woman. 
20 min – Q&A End.  


Room i.0.01
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussel
19 May 2022 from 20:00 to 22:15 Add to personal calendar

Organised by For all queens