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Past activities


  • RHEA Research Seminars 

    • 16/10/2017: A  Critique  Towards  Art  History:    Looking  at  artworks  by  Louise  Lawler  and  Joëlle  Tuerlinckx By  Lisa  Heinis,  PhD  Candidate  at  VUB  and  Visiting  Student  Scholar  at  UC  Berkeley      

    • 27/11/2017: Substantive Women Representation and Arab States: Democratization as a Requisite for Gender Political Equality by Ari Baghdassar Tatian, PhD Candidate, VUB 

    • 4/12/2017 - Presentation of the Academic Programme on female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) By Els Leye 

    • 12/2/2018: The ‘constrained’ or ‘self-limiting patriarchy’. Wives, household authority and law in sixteenth-century Antwerp By Kaat Capelle, PhD Candidate (FWO) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel 

    • 12/3/2018: Eating the Adoptee: Cultural commodification, whiteness and adoptees’ resistance in Bolivian-Belgian adoption By Christof Bex, PhD Candidate (FWO), Ghent University 

    • 23/4/2018: Representing women? A locally situated interpretation of the ACWF By JiahuI Shan, PhD Candidate at Vrije Universiteit Brussel 

    • 7/5/2018: Converting care to politics. An ethnographic inquiry about health rights for precarious status immigrants in Belgium. By Dirk Lafaut, PhD Candidate (FWO) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel 

  • Gender Week 2018 

    • 26/3/2018 (initially scheduled on 5/3) MdM-lecture  "#Metoo revisited. Reflections on hypes, human rights and ambiguity" by Renée Römkens 

    • 6/3/2018 Fatima Mernissi Boekenkaravaan RHEA ism Crosstalks & Rosa 

    • 6/3/2018 lecture "Doing good and doing it right? Working in development indecolonizing times" by Sara De Jong, ism UCOS 

    • 7/3/2018 Masterclass by Sara De Jong "Doing feminist research: dilemmas of power and inequality in the research relation" 

    • 7/3/2018 lecture “White Innocence” by Gloria Wekker ism Kaaitheater & De Buren 

Gloria Wekker
lecture “White Innocence” by Gloria Wekker
  • Fatima Mernissi-chair 

    • 30/11/2017: Hommage Fatima Mernissi: Talks + concert 

    • 1/6/2018 : Fatima Mernissi boekenkaravaan met Nadia Dala en Rachida Lamrabet 

  • Colors of Rebellion: Art by Dalit Artists from India 

    • 23/4/2018 Opening evening of the Exposition with Karen Celis, Chris Verschooten and Swati Kamble 

    • Art exhibition in building D starting from 23rd April (two weeks) 

  • 17/5/2018: LGBTQ activism in 2018; On the occasion of the Belgian Pride event we organised a panel/Facebook live debate with Kasha Nabagesera, David Paternotte, Gily Coene and Jad Zeitouni. (the VUB’s International Relations office in collaboration with UCOS and RHEA) 

  • 4/6/2018: Workshop ‘Perilous knowledge, Gender & sexuality scholars at risk in Europe’ (ULB) 

Poster colors of rebellion


  • RHEA Research Seminars 

    • 7/11/2016: The Politics of Recognition in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands (Laura Westerveen, IES/RHEA) 

    • 5/12/2016: 'Black Pete' and 'Fat Maggie': Cases of Contested Symbolic Representation (Ilke Adam, Soumai Akacher, Karen Celis, Serena D’Agostino & Eline Severs, RHEA/POLI/IES – presented by Soumia Akachar & Karen Celis) 

    • 13/01/2017: ‘Resilience. Gendered  Subjects in Times of Neoliberalism’ (Sarah Bracke) 

    • 13/02/2017: ‘Gender, Sexuality and Discourses of Harm and the Moral Body: A Study among Women in Iran and Iranian Diaspora in Belgium’ (Ladan Rahbari, RHEA/CRCG) 

    • 24/03/2017: Research Seminar in collaboration with MAM (ULB) (Djordje Sredanovic, Antoine Roblain, Sarah Ganty, Serena D’Agostino, Soumia Akachar, Susan Dierickx) 

    • 24/04/2017: ‘Violence, Islam and Gender in Brussles’ (Iman Lechkar) 

    • 15/05/2017: ‘The Role of Intersectionality and Emotions for Radical Right Support and Engagement (Josefine Landberg) 

  • Genderweek 2017 

    • 6/3/2017: Documentary Film Screening@RITCS "Casablanca Calling" + aftertalk with director Rosa Rogers & Iman Lechkar 

    • 7/3/2018:  Lecture "The Moral Case for Abortion" by Ann Furedi followed by panel discussion with Freddy Mortier, Lucie Van Crombrugghe, Ladan Rahbari, Anne Verougstraete & Carine Vrancken 

    • 9/3/2017:  Lunch Seminar and Netwerk Event "Sexual Health & Rights: An Exchange on Global Challenges” (RHEA ism UCOS) 


Lecture "The Moral Case for Abortion" by Ann Furedi
  • Fatima Mernissi Chair: 

    • 28/3/2017:  breakfast and opening lecture “Moeten moslimvrouwen gered worden” (in Dutch) by Iman Lechkar in co-production with Citizenne, Wijkacademie Molenbeek, Femma, GC De Markten, GC De Vaartkapoen, GC De Kriekelaar. From 9 till 12.30h in De Markten. 

    • 11/05/2017 evening lecture on Islam, rap and role models (in English) by Jeannette Jouilli (University of Pittsburgh) + documentary on ex-rapper Napoleon Beale with after talk. In co-production with KVS. 

    • 28/09/2017 Salon Talk “Sharia, Seksisme en het schrikbeeld van de Arabische man” (in Dutch/English) by Sarah Bracke (Universiteit van Amsterdam) and Zakia Salime (Rutgers University, US). In co-production with Kaaitheater. 

Yamila Sarah
Salon Talk “Sharia, Seksisme en het schrikbeeld van de Arabische man”
  • 14/12/2016: book launch "The EU enlargement and gay politics: the impact of eastern enlargement on rights, activism and prejudice - Slootmaeckers K., Touquet h. & Vermeersch P. (IES ism RHEA) 

  • Transgender Training (5/12/2016 en 18/1/2017), georganiseerd door Myriam Halimi en Lisa Wouters 

  • 17 en 18 mei 2017 Gender Research Seminar “Intersectionality: Theory, concepts and methods” 

  • 8 en 9 juni 2017: MAP-FGM international seminar on 27th 

    • The aim of the seminar was to discuss the added value of research in the campaign towards abandoning FGM, the do’s and don’ts and propose recommendations for researching FGM/C. Academics and professionals from Europe and Africa presented papers on qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research on FGM/C. 


  • 17/11/2015: “A woman speaks: Audre Lorde. Uses of Archive and Transnational Feminism” -  Belgian Renaissance, in collaboration with RHEA. Guest speakers were Chandra Frank (Goldsmith’s College, London), Joëlle Sambi Nzeba (Festival Massimadi) and Warrior Poets (Arts Collective, 

  • 30/11/2015: PhD-seminar on “Doing Qualitative Research” with Rik Pinxten 

  • 3/12/2015 Machteld de Metsenaere lecture - December 3 2015: “Carrying as a feminist method” (Nirmal Puwar) 

  • 3/12/2015: masterclass Nirmal Puwar 

  • RHEA Research Seminars: 

    • 6/10/2015:  Sarah Bracke - “Topless Jihad. Embodiment, Politics, Agency”

    • 10/11/2015: Heleen Huysentruyt – “Sex in the City. A comparative study of policy subjects and lived experiences of (un)safety at the crossroad of gender, sexuality and ethnicity in the streets of Brussels”.  

    • 15/12/2016: (Early) Marriage Dynamics and Socio-‐Economic Factors in the context of Ethiopian culture: the case of Arsi and Gojjam Areas (Els Leye - RHEA, 15/12/2016) 

    • 26/01/2016 “I took back my right”: revisiting agency in the life story of a female Palestinian offender (Sophie Withaeckx, Ineke Casier & Sabah Ikhmayes - RHEA/Research Group Crime and Society, SCRI) 

    • 16/02/2016: “More than just a game? The potential of sport to foster positive youth development among disadvantaged girls”  (Dra. Hebe Schaillée) + discussion on possible areas of collaborative reserch (Dra. Hebe Schaillée, Dr. Rein Haudenhuyse, Prof. dr. Veerle De Bosscher, Pieter Smets - Sport and Society Research Unit, SASO)  

    • 15/03/2016: “The Three ‘i’s of Workplace Religious Accommodation for Muslims in Europe: instrumental, internal and informal’ (Prof. Ilke Adam - Institute for European Studies, IES; RHEA)  

  • Gender Week 2016 

    • 4/3/2016: lecture Camille Barbagallo “If sex is work, what kind of work is it?” – ism Sophia 

    • 7/3/2016: Debat “Transgender@university” met Joz Motmans, Kaj Poelman, Stijn Defruyt, Evo Busseniers, Els Robbrecht & Raf Devos 

    • 8/3/2016: lezing “Judith Butler en de performativiteit van gender” door Sarah Bracke (ikv les filosofie & ethiek vd seksualiteit?) 

    • 9/3/2016: docu “Awra Amba, rethink a beautiful world” + aftertalk with directors & Els Leye 

    • 9/3/2016: Poetry session with Andreatta Chuma 

    • 10/3/2016: “Women in African cinema: presence and absence” – masterclass with Lizelle Bisschof 

    • 11/3/2016: Food for thought - the gender edition 

    • 11/3/2016:  Bright Women Club with Karen Celis, Nevena Hristozova, Cathy Macharis, Viviane Jonckers, Annick Hubin, Birgit Martens & Els Dumortier 


Lancering RHEA
Lancering RHEA: 1 april 2015