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bavi yassin

Bavi Yassin

PhD Researcher , Members


Bavi Yassin is a filmmaker and producer. She holds a BA in film from RITCS and a Master Degree with specialisation in film directing from the same academy. She has been professionally active in the film industry since (2013) her films travelled the world and won international awards. Her short film “The Lost Voice” was eligible for the shortlist of the Academy Award, Oscars of 2014.

Bavi works as a lecturer at the University of Sulaimaniyah in Iraq. She is also been very active in the field of “gender and film,” as she organises masterclasses, seminars, panels, etc.

She moved back to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014, ever since she is been working on projects related to women, where she explores and questions the representation and role of women in the filmmedium/media. This has developed her interest in Artistic Research. As now she is working on her PhD (Doctor of Arts) in a joint programme between the VUB (The Brussels University) and RITCS (Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound.) She is a self-sponsored researcher.

The core of her PhD research is: “The empowerment of women through cinema.” - “The role of women in the filmmedium and how cinema can help to improve/change the position of women inside a society.” - “The political influences inside a patriarchal society and its reflection on the screen.”

She is developing artistic projects through which she tries to find answers and analysation for this matter.