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Diversity in the curriculum

  • 19 november 2020

Diversity today in academic curricula is discussed in numerous educational institutions, nationally and internationally. Current academic curricula are often disproportionately focused on exclusively Western perspectives and themes that (unconsciously) exclude specific groups. The VUB joins this debate about inclusive curricula and teaching practices and the decolonization of universities with its project "Diversity in the Curriculum". The aim of this project is to initiate a reflexive awareness process about how we can make our curricula diversity-enhancing. Last year, the Equality Team developed this project and made the students and academic staff enthusiastic to think together about how they can increase the presence of various themes and voices in the curriculum and how the curriculum can better match the frames of reference of the various student population. During an online event on November 19, the results of this research will be presented and together with you and the initiators of #WedecolonizeVUB, we will discuss how the VUB can take further action.

With co-creation towards more inclusivity

The "Diversity in the Curriculum" project and findings will be presented during an online presentation by project researcher Christil Asamoah. The presentation will be followed by a conversation with Christil and VUB student and initiator of #WeDecolonizeVUB Latifah Abdou about the importance of decolonizing the VUB and the next steps. During the online session, they give concrete recommendations and launch a call to VUB students to get started themselves.

Would you like to contribute ideas about the importance of diversifying and decolonizing the VUB, the curriculum and teaching practice? Would you like to participate in a process to improve the VUB in terms of equality and inclusivity? Are you the right person to help shape the policy in the form of an equality action plan?

Then register for the online event on November 19 and discover what your role could be!


When: 19 November 2020, 17:00-18:30 
Venue: online 

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