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GENDERWEEK: Movienight & Debate on Women in Cinema

burkinabe risingArt is a powerful tool to impact the world. In 2016, Iara Lee documented  creative nonviolent resistance in Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is a country with a remarkably vibrant community of artists, musicians and committed citizens. Together, they illustrate how political change can be  accomplished when people unite. In this movie we see the power of art as Thomas Sankara’s revolutionary idea(l)s are honoured and live on in music, film, ecology, visual art and architecture. During his presidency, Sankara was assassinated in a 1987 coup led by Blaise Compaoré. After the coup, Burkina Faso was under Compaoré’s dictatorship for 27 years. Tables turned when in October 2014 a monumental popular uprising led to his removal. This film displays a panorama of creative resistance. The pursuit of peace and justice manifests itself through cultural expression, permeating every aspect of daily life. In light of this interaction between art and societal change, Thursday’s movie night will be followed by a debate on Friday concerning the “role of women in cinema”. How can cinema influence society and reality, female filmmakers and their view of reality?

This debate will be moderated by filmmaker and producer Bavi Yassin. She moved back to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014, ever since she has been working on projects related to women. Bavi Yassin is also a PhD-candidate exploring and questioning the representation and role of women in film. We proudly present Cecilia Verheyden as a speaker at this debate. She graduated in 2007 with her celebrated short movie 'Ou quoi'. The film won many international awards. From then onwards, Cecilia Verheyden directed several award winning (short) movies, music videos, documentaries, television series and commercials.

MOVIE NIGHT: The movie will be shown on Thursday 11 March, 20.00
DEBATE: The debate will be held on Friday 12 March, 19.30


DEADLINE Registration Movie Night: 8 March (registration limited)
To acces the debate on Women in Cinema: 11 March:Teams link

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Registration Movienight: Burkinabè Rising (2018)