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As part of the VUB gender week, this one hour session will focus on how NEW gender research requirements for Horizon Europe projects should improve the scientific quality and societal relevance of European projects.

It aims at all VUB researchers who consider applying to Horizon Europe calls.

Anne Pépin, Senior Policy Officer Gender Sector at the European Commission's DG Research & Innovation will describes the policy context and Horizon Europe gender research features. VUB researchers will share their experience with gender research, and the European Liaison Office will provide tips to be ready for the upcoming calls. Already confirmed VUB speakers: Prof. Laurence Claeys on gender and product development, Dr. David van Schaik on "Sex and spine", Dr. Deborah De Moortel on the role of gender and social norms in auality of employment trajectories and mental health.


- brief introduction on Horizon Europe
- policy context and the rules related to gender research (award criteria for different types of calls)
- what is gender/sex and gender research, what is its added value, why should all researchers be interested
- testimonies from researchers involved in gender research
- how researchers can get prepared, key resources
- Q/A

12 maart 2021 van 13:00 tot 14:00 Add to personal calendar