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Inleiding in gender- en diversiteitsstudies

The course offers an introductory overview of developments, debates, concepts and theories in the interdisciplinary domain of gender and diversity studies. This comprises the following topics: the development of feminist movements and theorizing; evolutions in gender studies as an academic discipline; the development of queer- and masculinity studies; the influence of post-colonial and intersectional theories; gender studies in relation to theories of multiculturalism and (super)diversity. Next to broad theoretical perspectives, the course provides presentations of specific research in a variety of academic and policy domains.

The lectures discuss the most important theoretical concepts and debates, like equality/difference, the sex/gender-debate, standpoint epistemology, the influence of post-structuralism and the intersection of gender and other factors of differentiation like ethnicity, class, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, citizenship and ability.

Guest lectures during class and academic lectures attended by the students further illustrate how insights from gender- and diversity studies are crucial in a variety of academic disciplines and policy domains.


Course information can be found here.