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IPV-PRO&POL Conferentie: Partnergeweld : impact, processen, evoluties en publiek beleid

On Thursday 17 February IPV-PRO&POL will be presenting the results of the research project 'Partnergeweld: impact, processen, evoluties en beleid in België' (Partner violence: impact, processes, evolutions and policies in Belgium) during an online conference.

The aim of the research programme is to study partner violence from a double approach: on the one hand the project focuses from a phenomenological perspective on the complexity of underlying processes in partner violence and on the interactional dynamics between the partners; on the other hand, it looks at the perspective of public policies developed in this area. During the conference the different researches in this reseach project will be presented together with interviews with professional actors from the field.

You can register for the online conference until the 5th of February here.

17 februari 2022 van 10:00 tot 16:30 Add to personal calendar