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Leonie Jegen

Leonie Jegen

PhD Researcher , Members
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Leonie Jegen is a PhD researcher at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (UvA) and scholarship holder of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Her research considers the external dimension of European migration control from a neocolonial perspective, drawing on the case study of the reform of Senegal's anti-smuggling policy. It draws on critical security studies, post/neo-colonial theory and engages with the concept of 'externalization' and employs methodological approaches of critical policy research and global political ethnography. She is an Associated Researcher at the IES (VUB) and a member of BRIMM. She has previously worked at several research projects at the VUB/UNU-Cris and the ABI/ University of Freiburg which investigated European influence on West African migration governance. She conducted fieldwork in Ghana, Senegal and Niger and did more than 150 interviews with relevant stakeholders. Leonie's research has been published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, several reports and numerous policy briefs. She holds a MA in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex and a BA in International Relations and International Organizations from the University of Groningen.