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Foto Mariska Jung

Mariska Jung

PhD Researcher, Team


Mariska Jung is a doctoral researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in Belgium. She is affiliated to the VUB’s strategic research program EDGE (Evaluating Democratic Governance in Europe) as well as to RHEA (Centre for Research on Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality). Her current work focuses on the (dis)entanglements of race, religion, secularism and nationalism with regards to animal-human relations. In particular she is interested in political debates on the practice of ritual slaughter according to Islamic and Jewish rites in Europe. Previously she worked on the geopolitics of gender and sexuality, and published a peer-reviewed article in the Birkbeck Law Review on the biopolitical production of the ‘saveable’ and ‘deserving’ queer refugee placed in juxtaposition to other (queer or not) ‘undeserving’ migrants, within the context of the United Kingdom’s asylum system. Mariska Jung graduated from the University of Amsterdam as well as from SOAS University of London, and holds a BA in Philosophy (cum laude), a BSc in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (cum laude) and a MSc in Migration Mobility and Development Studies (cum laude). Her general areas of interest are: queer politics, feminist research, post- and decolonial studies, critical discourse analysis, critical animal studies and critical race studies.


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 5
1050 Brussel