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Pia Struyf

Pia Struyf

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Pia Struyf is a teaching assistant and PhD candidate. She holds a master’s degree in Criminology (VUB, 2017), and has research interests in the sex work, police and policing, fear of crime and public space. For her Master’s thesis, Pia evaluated the communication of forensic science data between police and experts in a murder investigation. In 2018, she conducted a systematic review on the effectiveness of DNA databases for police, society, and criminologists at the University of Ghent. In September 2018, she has conducted research on the impact of street lighting on crime and fear of crime at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Currently, she is doing a doctoral research on the relationship between police and sex workers. Focussing on the perspective of sex workers, she voices escorts and home-based sex workers and their needs when experiencing victimization.


Sex work - police - safety - fear of crime


Crime & Society (CRiS)


VUB Main Campus