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Foto Iman Lechkar

Prof. Dr. Iman Lechkar

Professor & Fatima Mernissi Chair Holder, Team
+32 2 614 8231


Iman Lechakar has a master in applied linguistics English-Spanish-Arabic, a master in International Relations and a PhD in social and cultural anthropology. She has worked as a doctoral and post-doctoral researcher at KU Leuven and was lecturer at Odisee University College in the social work department.

Currently employed as post-doctoral researcher and Fatima Mernissi Chair-holder at VUB, Iman Lechkar researches Islam in the West, and is specialized in anthropology of Islam, multiculturalism, critical and gender theory, Islamic studies, and politics and history of the Middle East. Both in her research as in her teaching, Iman Lechkar tries to connect varying intellectual, social, cultural and historical traditions. She is also actively involved in the associational field in Brussels and Antwerp, where she contributes in shaping the debate on Islam, diversity and minorities in the Belgian context.


lokaal 5.54
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
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1050 Brussel