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Recordings ‘Black Europe in Brussels’ conference

  • 27 juli 2021

The online interdisciplinary conference ‘Black Europe in Brussels’ consisted of a range of inspiring activities which took place between 1-15 July 2021. The conference brought to the forefront the Afroeuropean communities and Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe. It engaged with the dynamism emerging from the growing decolonisation movements and their calls for rethinking dominant modes of knowledge production and representation.

The conference was interdisciplinary and intersectoral in nature, which was reflected in the series of events focusing on various themes including Afroeuropean arts, Afroeuropean communities and the European Parliament, care and racial inequalities & Black histories. ‘Black Europe in Brussels’ aimed to be an academic, activist and intellectual space bridging the boundaries between institutions, practices and epistemologies.

This was a conference for, by and with Afroeuropeans with the contributions of their allies and in dialogue with other marginalized communities. This conference is part of the international and interdisciplinary Afroeuropeans Network and was organized in anticipation of the 8th Biennial Afroeuropeans Network Conference “Intersectional Challenges in Afroeuropean Communities”, which is postponed to 6-9 July 2022 due to COVID-19. 

If you are interested in (re)watching some of the past events, be sure to check out BlackSpeaksBackTV on Youtube. BlackSpeaksBackTV premiered: Black Brussels, Black Mental Health & Care and Black Joy

Bozar also made Afropolitan Women and Black Europe at the European Parliament available on Youtube.