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RHEA members perform and collaborate on research in multiple disciplinary areas and on various topics that can be clustered around the following research lines: 

  • Harmful cultural practices and gender-based violence

  • Equality policies and political representation

  • Intersectionality and feminist theory

  • Gender, religion and secularism

  • Bio-ethics and sexual and reproductive rights

  • Migration, anti-discrimination policies and citizenship

  • Post-colonial theory, (de)coloniality and epistemic diversity

  • Gender, diversity and education

  • Agency, identity and subjectivity

Doing a PhD at RHEA?

Are you passionate about research? Do you feel like delving into a particular topic for some years and develop original research that can contribute to theoretical and societal debates? Are you interested in examining how systems of inequality and exclusion are shaped along and across different lines of identity and social categorization, how these impact upon individual experiences, are (re)produced in institutions and policies and how this might possibly be overcome? Then doing a PhD at RHEA might be the thing for you! Click here for more information!

Research output

Below, you will find a selection of research projects by RHEA members. For a complete overview of all publications of RHEA members and affiliated members, please visit the research portal of the VUB.


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Fatima Mernissi Chair

Fatima Mernissi

Intimate Partner Violence

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

VLIR-UOS TEAM "Improving Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health through a Participatory Parent-Child Communication Intervention in Uganda"

Representation and Democratic Resentment

FWO-Project RepResent: Representation and Democratic Resentment

PhD "Egg freezing and infertility"

Egg freezing and moral understandings of women anticipating future infertility


PhD "The role of family doctors in cases of partner violence"

The role and experiences of family doctors, victims and offenders in cases of Intimate partner violence: an intersectional, qualitative approach in Belgium.

PhD " Confucianist Ren Ethics and Feminist Care Ethics"

A comparative study on the roles of Confucianist Ren Ethics and Feminist Care Ethics. Playing in the construction of women's subjectivity

PhD "Women's Perspective of Reproductive Justice"

Understanding Women's Perspective of Reproductive Justice. A qualitative Study of Sub Saharan African Migrant Women Living in Belgium. 

PhD "Inclusion of fertility care into the reproductive health policy and practice in the Gambia"

This PhD project looks into fertility care policy and implementation in the Gambia based on a mixed-method research methodology.

PhD "Who deserves our care?"

Who deserves (our) care? A critical enquiry of moral understandings and normative frameworks on health care for undocumented migrants.