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RHEA Research Webinar Bo Zhang: A Qualitative Study towards a more Comprehensive Understanding of Factors Affecting the Domestic Labor Distribution in Chinese Families

  • 29 maart 2021

Scholars have found that women continue to perform the vast majority of domestic labor. Analyzing the factors which partners consider in the division of domestic labor division is one of the first steps in attaining gender equity in both private and public spheres. One of the dominant theoretical explanations on the domestic labor allocation is a resource-based approach, which emphasizes rationality and efficiency in the division of time and relative resources between spouses and is, arguably, gender-neutral. However, compared with these objective and gender-neutral predictors, participants of in-depth interviews took much more non-objective factors into account, including couple’s affections, individual preferences, and personal abilities and characteristics. It is found that these considerations interact closely with gender notions. These research findings suggest, on the one hand, gender ideology is still a barrier to gender equality in domestic labor division, which needs further reflection; on the other hand, division of household tasks is a complex process that may be best understood by combining different perspectives.


Time: 12h30-14h00

Participation is free, but registration required. A link will be send the day beforehand. 


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