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Swati Kamble

Dr. Swati Kamble

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Academic activist and intersectional feminist from India. My research interest involves studying the historically oppressed caste communities with an intersectional and reflexive lens and committing to bringing their narratives to the forefront both in academia and policy. These narratives are created collaboratively with the marginalized communities as the active agents and in charge. As a person coming from a marginalized community, I find it of utmost importance that my research practice stems from social justice and recognising the knowledge emerging from the communities. My research focuses on studying the impact of Dalit women’s activism on the policy process in Maharashtra. Dalit women’s engagement in anti-caste feminist history has created valuable knowledge that can be instrumental in making the Indian policy process equitable and intersectional. I am currently developing a project on solidarities and archival of diverse marginalised communities in India and the digital lives of activists from these marginalised locations. I am also collaborating with a group of scholars and activists in India and UK on a project called India and Me project. We developing anti-caste, critical pedagogical modules to engage with the South Asian diaspora around the issues of caste, class, gender, religion and intersectionality.   


Caste, Gender, Intersectionality, anti-caste Movement and activism